Collaborations with External Vendors

Building strong partnerships, establishing common goals, and ensuring design leadership led to exceptional outcomes.

Establishing the Need for a Reliable External Partner

As a senior designer, I frequently collaborated with an external web agency to compensate for certain areas where we lacked in-house expertise. To maximize profits and achieve annual objectives, our office team had to build a network of agencies capable of supporting us in the development of new projects.

Selecting the Right Partner

Upon my arrival, I immediately recognized the need to find a reliable external partner who shared our values and vision for successful project collaboration. My role was to collaborate with my DMM colleagues to select and choose the agency, prepare the design section for an RFP, provide final input on the design capabilities for the agency, and prepare a presentation for managers.

Establishing a Strong Partnership

The primary goal was to find an external partner who could maintain a quality relationship with us, share common values, and take a design leadership role in our collaborations. Therefore, it was essential to establish a strong partnership with this agency, enabling us to work together towards common goals and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Meeting Specific Requirements

To ensure a successful collaboration, we had specific requirements that the agency needed to meet. These included having projects carried out with companies that make video games, being creative, knowing Blizzard products and their history, having a good design, development, and IT security portfolio, using the latest technologies in terms of design, being open to working in a collaborative and agile environment, corresponding to the philosophy of Blizzard (video game industry), and speaking good English and being in a similar time zone (Europe).

Achieving Exceptional Outcomes

Building a successful collaboration with an external vendor can build trust that can last a long time. It is always a challenge to work with an external agency for the first time, but a successful project can lead to a lasting partnership. By ensuring design leadership, establishing common goals, and maintaining a quality relationship with this agency, we were able to achieve exceptional outcomes.

In conclusion, working with an external agency can lead to significant revenue generation and exceptional outcomes. By collaborating with a reliable external partner who shares our values and vision, we were able to build a successful collaboration, streamline further development, and achieve significant growth within our organization.