Developing a High-Performing Landing Page

Designing a landing page that responds to high spikes in traffic, adheres to Blizzard's design guidelines, and achieves the right balance between creativity and performance.

Establishing Goals and Collaboration with External Agency

My primary goal was to develop a platform to create post-click media landing pages that can be used by each regional marketing team to promote Overwatch. To achieve this, I collaborated with an external agency that could help us achieve our goals. Our team initially supported the EU market, but we eventually went global, and millions of users joined throughout our platform.

Designing the Landing Page

Our landing page was designed to respond to high spikes due to social media surges with a global audience spread across PCs and mobile devices. It needed to offer a seamless experience that required server-side data storage and retrieval. I ensured that the landing page adhered to Blizzard's design guidelines and the solution was based on AWS, Node JS, and Google Analytics A/B testing functionality.

Finding the Right Balance between Creativity and Performance

To find the right balance between creativity and performance, I needed to ensure that our landing page was engaging and informative while being easy to navigate and load quickly. During the campaign, I noticed that Reaper was underperforming, so I dropped everything from the test. In the end, Lucio outperformed the other heroes, and most of the traffic was redirected to this page.

Challenges and Results

It's always a challenge to work with an external agency for the first time, but a successful project can build trust that can last a long time. Changing the scope of a project after it was deployed was a challenge, but it was also a test of the team's ability to adapt quickly.


Collaborating with external agencies can lead to exceptional outcomes and significant revenue generation. By working closely with our external partners, I was able to develop a high-performing landing page for Overwatch that adheres to Blizzard's design guidelines and achieves the right balance between creativity and performance. The project was part of a massive initiative that promoted the game globally and contributed to its success, generating over $500 million in the first year.