Strategy and Organization

Driving organizational success by aligning myself and my team with company goals.


One of my primary responsibilities revolved around an Innovation Lab, which required careful planning, strategy, and execution. I led the design vision for the lab, including the assembly of a physical space, a digital portal, and an innovation process. Over the course of nine months, my team and I explored new and emerging technologies, such as AR, to enhance our presence at the largest annual trade show for digital gaming culture. I successfully implemented a process that fostered creativity and resulted in innovative solutions for our organization.

I oversaw the design of numerous products, including e-commerce platforms and mobile applications. I tackled some of the most challenging design issues and provided innovative solutions that led to significant revenue growth. By working collaboratively with other teams and stakeholders, I aligned the design vision with the overall business strategy, ensuring successful outcomes for our projects.


Organizing the design work was another critical area where I made a significant impact. I restructured the team using "MATRIX" and "STREAMS" principles, introducing three distinct flows - Kanban, Scrum, and Waterfall - to facilitate specialized streams. By adopting this approach, we were able to streamline our design process, resulting in successful project outcomes.


In addition to these responsibilities, I facilitated workshops using the Design Thinking methodology to address complex problems within tight timeframes. This process involved developing a rapid prototype that was tested with users to provide a concrete solution. Throughout these workshops, my focus was always on aligning with the business needs and driving innovation within the team to add value to discussions.


Lastly, I recognized the importance of career development and growth within my team, which is why I established SMART goals, conducted regular performance reviews, and provided access to necessary resources and training budgets. By instituting a mentorship program, I provided valuable opportunities for learning and mentorship, which resulted in an engaged and motivated team.