Operational management of a design team

I have implemented a team management approach that prioritizes communication, collaboration, and professional development, resulting in increased productivity, improved quality, and a more motivated team.
Senior Designer at Blizzard Entertainment
January 2019 - March 2022

I played a critical role in transforming the design team to achieve world-class, innovative products that delivered meaningful business results. To achieve this, I implemented several strategies and initiatives that supported the team's growth and development while also aligning with the company's overall objectives.

Design Team Management

I organized the design team into project-oriented flows, allowing each designer to report on individual projects to the "Product Owner" while also reporting their overall performance to me as the Design Lead. This approach allowed for greater specialization and collaboration between team members, resulting in improved communication and a significant increase in the quality and speed of design production.

Career Progression

I helped develop an understandable career ladder and career path for designers, defining necessary roles, capabilities, responsibilities, and means of advancement. I also guided designers to set SMART goals and helped them achieve them, resulting in a more motivated and engaged team.

Remote Team Management

In the face of the 2020 health crisis, I adapted to the changing situation by effectively managing a remote design team. I provided tools and resources to work effectively remotely, adapted tasks and deadlines, offered emotional support, and encouraged collaboration among team members to foster a sense of belonging. This resulted in a seamless transition to remote work and the team's continued productivity despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.