Innovation Lab

Experimentation to boost the innovation capabilities of a company.


The company executives wanted to create an environment that fosters innovation, so they put a team in charge of establishing an Innovation Lab. The team included designers, project managers and developers. The goal was to identify new and cool ideas to improve their products and services. I created the design vision.

The Innovation Lab

Over a period of nine months, I orchestrated the assembly of a physical space where team members could share ideas, a digital portal, and an innovation process while building a cross-functional team. Together, the team conducted research and explored technologies to develop innovative solutions. One example of their work was the project they undertook for the Gamescom exhibition.

The Gamescom Project

Gamescom is an international exhibition dedicated to video games in Cologne, Germany. Every year, Blizzard Entertainment brings its universe to life at Gamescom. Players from all over the world are invited to discover, watch and contribute to their announcements, game sessions, and special events. The goal of the project was to increase engagement before and during the event and increase user-generated content.

I analyzed the context and identified the needs of the project. I conceptualized a user experience for the mobile application and oversaw the design of the website, while constantly communicating with other teams. The objective of the project was to offer a unique and innovative experience to visitors by using the camera of their device to interact with various elements of the exhibition stands such as walls, decorations, and logos. This experience was designed to increase the time spent in the Blizzard zone and have a high potential for virality.

Features of the App

The app offered a guided visit to the point of interest and interaction with AR. To capture the points, users needed to launch the smartphone camera through the app and aim at a defined location (a recognizable asset, a statue, etc.). This feature allowed visitors to interact with the various elements of the stand and experience the Blizzard universe in a new and exciting way. The app also enabled users to create and share their content, increasing user-generated content and engagement with the brand.


The project was a huge success, and the app was downloaded over 20,000 times during the exhibition. The interactive experience created a buzz around the Blizzard stand, increasing the time spent in the zone and generating user-generated content. The app received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and users praised the creativity and innovation behind it. The success of the project highlighted the importance of having an innovation lab in the company that fosters creativity, teamwork, and experimentation.